About Us

We help businesses, build customer, user & trade relationships through a state of art Engagement solution, profitably improving their overall Communication, Retention & Acquisition of Customers. We Create, Consult, Manage, Develop and Support complex & disparate Customer Engagement platforms and program.

We are 100+ team of experienced Digital Technology professionals that have successfully cofounded Digital Engagement Businesses and Services over the past 20 years. We understand the Customer Acquisition, Engagement and Retention space from a Business, Strategic, Execution, Technology and ROI perspective.

Through our unique customer centric approach, we partner with our business customers to drive Value points of the implementation and then model the solution based on those loyalty points, so at all points we are cognizant of the Value proposition to end customers. With our past experiences, consumer insights, Rapid Execution capabilities we are able to deliver customer implementations within shortest time & within compliances to ROI.

Our aim is to provide the most effective, adaptable, creative and efficient Customer Engagement solutions to all our business clients that encompass all of the latest and trending technologies and innovations in the industry. We envision Club Class to be world’s leading Customer Engagement platform and bring on the benefits to our customer so they can accrue the best practices, best tools, best technology & best ROI.

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