Loyalty Program Management

Launching a loyalty program is not the end of the road. Once the program gets created, it requires constant monitoring for its performance to ensure its relevancy, authenticity, and rewards to your customers. As a loyalty expert, we continue to measure KPI, follow best practices, and always push the envelope to measure the success against your competitive industry.

Our loyalty program manages rewards of the customer such as points accumulation, coupons, and personalized discounts on products. Hence, allowing retail businesses to gather and analyze data about their purchase behavior, which helps them to retarget customers with personalized campaigns that encourages them to make the next purchase thus, builds customer engagement on multiple spheres and actively encourages them to participate in a loyalty program.

Our seasoned client servicing team ensures that all the promotions and communications are optimized with the data hosted and managed by us for a smooth customer experience. We conduct rigorous end-user testing of all loyalty systems to ensure smooth customer experiences and hassle-free journeys.

In a market that is crowded with loyalty programs, we offer some of the following initiatives in loyalty that lets you draw customer and gives you a unique personalized experience to your brand persona:

Customer registration and activation

We implement technologies for brands that activate customers on-premise and integrate in-app technologies that facilitate location check-ins which helps in the registration of new customers. Enables capturing of product purchases with the image recognition and invoice capturing that validates those transactions to unique individuals in the program. It increases the knowledge about customers' behavior and their preferred choice of products.

Targeted marketing for communication and promotions

In this highly competitive world, we know how important it is to connect with your customers in meaningful ways. Therefore, we help you build efficient tools just the way you need it to be built, which can leverage your business to acquire more customers, boost sales, and increase customer loyalty. Our loyalty program allows you to collect and organize lucrative data about your customers with which you can connect with them via effective marketing campaigns.

Segmentation and monitoring

Loyalty schemes are not the testament to deliver the return on investment as many companies across various sectors lose money due to the non-effective reward schemes, as per the reports by McKinsey. Therefore, it is vital to constantly monitor the benefits and efficiency of the loyalty program to track its return on investment. With the help of customer segmentation, we enable you to differentiate your customer by making you understand their patterns that help to customize offers and services at a price they can afford to meet their expectations.

Ability to deliver unique technology in loyalty

We have paved the way for all businesses by allowing personalization and better engagement with the customers with our best technologies in arsenals such as Machine learning (ML) and data analysis that influence the success of a loyalty program. It is widely known that consumers’ behavior has drastically changed with the advent of the internet and social platform. Therefore, having a mobile-friendly loyalty program should be of prime concern for convenience to consumers.

ClubClass™ can work independently or in partnership to design and deliver motivating rewards programs. Empowering your business with our unique loyalty experiences such as bespoke reporting, data analytics, and insights that taps into the pulse of the most up-to-date innovation in loyalty.

Loyalty Program Management