What This Does?

  • Enables brands to offer engagement and rule based points earning based on your business objectives.
  • Enable your customers to earn these points based on their product interaction, behavioral or transactional history.
  • Offers a Competitive spirit to your points earning.
  • A Customer Recognition platform creating a sticky relationships & incremental profitable behavior change.
  • Provide a variety of earning points options, like targeted spending, signups, collecting user information, social media connects, surveys, and promotion participation.
  • Enables Tier based benefits for your customer, making them work towards higher privileges & get additional tier benefits
  • Point earning encourage your customer ability to Spend more on each purchase and keep returning return with the brand.

Earn Engine Benefits

  • Drive Customer Engagement, Customer Acquisition & Reacquisition
  • Drive Spends, repeated sales & Order Values
  • Improve customer stickiness
  • Reduce discounts to customers
  • Increase conversion rate
  • Increase social participation
  • Incentivize purchase activity