B2B Solution

  • Allows you to bring in your Business Partners, in the ambit of loyalty, performance and rewards, deepening buyer- seller relationships and proportionately boost business outcomes.
  • The platform offer B2B / Trade loyalty program to generate more business from your partner and rewards them, for the value that they bring to you.
  • Objective-based incentive, timeline-based delivery, SLA-based resolutions, quantum based turnover, Tenure- based relationship, are the KPIs that are offhand supported on the system.
  • Rewards Catalogue can be personalized based on the Customers specific industry, Recognition, Relationships, Exclusivity, Teams & Affinity.
  • Incentives alignment with risks, costs, and rewards of doing business are fair distribution.
  • Trade Segmentation allows business to be bifurcated, prioritized and tiered to have different achievement goals for different participants.
B2B Loyalty Program

Channel Solution

  • Helps you reward your business channels and internal Sales team, who bring in business, through one platform itself. Motivate your distribution network to create a Reward structure, thus boosting loyalty, engagement, and market share
  • Helps you to build long lasting profitable relationship with your channel partner, maximizing ROI and drive engagement
  • Helps your sales channel relationships to improve brand awareness, foster long-term commitment, develop brand advocacy and win true loyalty.
  • Helps to maintain relationship, scheme and incentive structures, ensuring quick and two-way communication, transparent pay-outs and driving emotional connects through personalized rewards and experiences.
  • Helps you to configure Accrual based on business KPIs Geographically, by Hierarchy, by Role, by Product, by Sales Quota, By Turnover, By Time period, By Cadre, By Partner, etc and set in goals for achievement and points for accumulation.
  • Offer attractive partner rewards incentives, and recognition experiences and achievements.
Channel Loyalty Program

Employee Solution

  • Enables you to offer an incentive and productivity based loyalty programme for your Employees & Business partners
  • Creates a workplace culture and enable people driven, goal oriented performance
  • Provides motivational tool, based on employee aspirations and aligns them with Company goals.
  • Enables employees to exceed their goal KRAs with the rewards always in sight.
  • Employee loyalty program impacts recruitment, engagement and retention of an employee thereby enabling Low attrition, & increased retention across key business cadres
  • Saves Training Costs and errors due to longevity of employees with you.
  • Enables Employee Rewards for business parameters like Candidate Referrals, Performance, Achievements, Training & Certification, Mentoring & Social Experiences
  • Reward them across a wide spectrum of Category completely custom made for the organization.
  • Quick Go To Market with your own loyalty programme and start getting results in few quarters itself.
Employee Loyalty Program

End User/Consumer Solution

  • Offer a consumer Loyalty programme for your users.
  • Consumer loyalty helps your customers stay.
    • loyal to your brand and products & services
    • strong in their tendency to select your brand over the competitions.
  • Helps customers become brand advocates, who create good word of mouth and generate more referral customers for the company.
  • To identify and retain best customers ensuring repeat business.
  • Coffer rewards to your loyal customers as an appreciation for doing repeat business with you
  • Quick Go To Market with your own loyalty programme and start getting results in few quarters itself.
Consumer Loyalty Program