Over the past decade retail industry has taken to a paradigm shift with the help of integration of tech-driven loyalty program which plays a crucial role in terms of knowing how customer engages with the brand, how they navigate and keep track of the product deals and offers, what is the purchase behavior both instore/online. As these interests and behaviors of customer who engages most defines their loyalty towards your brand and are segmented as high-valued ones.

Cusotmer Loyalty Reward Card

Loyalty programs have always proved its worth of working harder in driving sales because of their wide usage and effectiveness. And to know how to bank on the same for your business that thrives onto the silver lining of sales spree, we have identified some of the best customer loyalty program ideas to get better outcomes:

  • You can never go wrong when it comes to rewarding your customers with points for shopping with you, as it makes them feel acknowledged, appreciated, and feel grateful towards you in reciprocity.
  • Make their checkouts experience hassle-free by integrating wallets in your system for quicker and easier payments when they shop with you.
  • Save the day for your customers by not letting them dig deeper in their pockets for change at the time of checkout with the help of reloadable cash card.
  • Utilize promotional incentives for example buy 5 chocolate bars, get 1 free.
  • Try to leave an impression that keeps your customers coming back to your store by pampering them with gift cards and vouchers at the time of their bill payments.
  • Customers always likes when they get acknowledged for paying a visit to your store. So, automate your platform to send personalized SMS/Emails to thank them for visiting the store.
  • Stay connected with your customers by sending regular SMS/Email informing them about special offers, discount, new arrivals, etc.
  • Offer B2B, B2C, B2B2C loyalty program.
  • Customer referrals are the biggest benefit of a Customer Loyalty Program to a retailer, so let your customer refer to their friends and family and offer them points in return on each referral.
  • Introduce welcome offers to a new customer with a loyalty platform by reducing Cost per Acquisition (CPA).
  • Segment customers through purchasing behavior, spending pattern and their lifestyle, and offer personalized promotional offer based on these characteristics, as it would likely make them for a spontaneous purchase.
  • Segment customers through purchasing behaviour, spending pattern and their lifestyles etc.
Retail Loyalty Program

By plugging some of these loyalty schemes to your business, will provide convenience to your customers’ which enables them to easily manage their redemption, rewards points, and payments that leads to increase in checkout rates and frequency of visit.

ClubClass™ - Having a right knack of expertise in loyalty helps businesses to identify and engage with their customers by analyzing their purchasing habits which reveals valuable insights based on the permutation and combination to deliver the most relevant offers/rewards, which has never been more essential than ever before.