To remain competitive in the telecom sector is no means feat as you need to keep up with the constantly evolving technologies to stay on top of the game. For many years, the industry has faced the challenge of lack of personal touch with its customers as once the acquisition is done there is no loyalty program in place to retain them and make them feel valued. This lack of contact gives rise to churn rates and steer them away to the provider having the best deals.

loyalty program for telecom

To lower this propensity to churn and have more people to subscribe to services offered by your business. Designing Loyalty programs that not only improve customer retention but also provide rewards, extra-services, and partner deals, would come as a great advantage for the telecom industry to thrive.
To combat the behavior of customer disengagement, you can deliver some of the loyalty solutions that your business exactly requires with our unique set of approaches:

  • Creating rewards that are worth remembering to shield customers from your competitors.
  • Gamification plays a key role to incentivize further engagement.
  • Make room for personalization by increasing touchpoints with customers.
  • Your app is the holy grail of touchpoints. Use it to educate members about your services offered.
  • Promote loyalty program in-store and via preferred partners channel.
  • A single platform to orchestrate inbound and outbound customer engagement that provides a view of personalized journeys across various campaigns and offers.
  • Flexible dashboards and reporting that provides customer-centric insights and best-practices to measure the program against your KPIs.
  • Reach your customers with relevant offers and promotion through regular SMS/Email campaigns.
  • Keep a track of the detailed history of member program activities. Offer customer rewards with dedicated price plans, special privileges, service upgrades, or additional talk-time minutes to encourage subscribers to increase their service usage.
  • Plan reward strategy based on multiple elements such as monthly spending, usage pattern etc.
  • To make up for the lack of customer interaction incentivizing data collection and mobile app usage should be introduced.
  • Too much of personalization based on the interests and background can be hazardous. So, always think to engage customers outside of the buying cycle.
Telecom Loyalty Program

In the fight for “Who cares most for their customers” the telecom companies are facing stiff competition amongst themselves. There has never been a better time to make the most of the opportunities in loyalty that fosters tired-based, gift-based, or points-based solutions that are aimed to keep the customers engaged and make them feel privileged.
ClubClass™ is a customer engagement loyalty platform that uses its proprietary software to empower businesses in loyalty space. So, that they can expand their reach, build brand identity, reward, retain customers, channel partners, and employees easily in a cost-effective manner.