Channel Solution

Our channel loyalty program establishes the rewards program for channel partners which presents a plethora of opportunities that forge long-lasting relationships. It is every business dream to have the same consistent sales channel and distribution teams that bring in high-quality sales as they know your brand's product in and out, which is valuable for any business.
Nowadays, many businesses have fallen short of driving sales due to the rise of partners flux, the reason being non-recognition of closing deals and achieving goals for the company, and reseller notions for vendors not doing positively well in retaining them with their existing rewards program, which meanders them away from having a long-term relationship. Therefore, having a healthy loyalty program for channel partners helps in stepping back and provides businesses with more quantifiable data about the sales channel. However, having a channels partner program in place is not going to be the end-all and be all. The loyalty program should act as a building block in encouraging partners and resellers which devotes to businesses in the long run.
Here are some of the solutions we help businesses to adapt which lets them step up to their plates in loyalty that yields tangibles business goals:

  • Reward your business channels and internal sales team who bring in business through one platform itself. Motivate your distribution network to create a reward structure, thus boosting loyalty, engagement, and market share.
  • Build a long-lasting profitable relationship with your channel partner by investing in Channel Partner Program that maximizes ROI and drives engagement.
  • Enhance your sales channel relationships to improve brand awareness, foster long-term commitment, develop brand advocacy, and win true loyalty.
  • Maintain the relationship, scheme, and incentive structures, ensure quick and two-way communication, transparent pay-outs, and driving emotional connections through personalized rewards and experiences.
  • Configure accrual based on business KPIs Geographically, By Hierarchy, By Role, By Product, By Sales Quota, By Turnover, By Period, By Cadre, By Partner, etc., and set in goals for achievement and points for accumulation.
  • Offer attractive partner rewards incentives and recognition experiences and achievements.
  • Think beyond the bottom line when creating a rewards program by rewarding the sales team with non-quantifiable behaviors such as: Representing the company by attending seminars, earning certification/training, Notable feedback achieved from client servicing, etc.
Channel Loyalty Program

ClubClass™ is a one-stop solution for all your loyalty needs that helps companies to drive loyalty in sales channels and manages quality rewards programs that they wish to see. Contact us today to know more.