Hotel loyalty programs are a worthwhile activity when you make your customer’s stay-in a delightful experience, and certainly helps to build your brand identity when they go vocal about their experiences, whether it’s a price, luxury or value for money that you offer which got them motivated. The main ideology is to reinforce your guest's decision of choosing your hospitality so that they should always return to your brand.

Hospitality rewards programs comes in various formats, however, there are always multitudinous ways to frame guest rewards program as per your hotel’s specification – As every guest has their own taste and they will have a different reaction.

hotel loyalty program

So, let us understand how you can go about with your customer expectations, as we have laid out some of the best loyalty & reward solutions that you can look out for your hospitality business:

  • Prioritize guest experience: Make your guest staycation a memorable one when they choose your hotels over others. Frame loyalty programs that recognize their preferences. Also, entice corporate travelers who travels frequently for work.
  • Give a boost to revenue: It is observed that guests who are happy with the services and amenities are more likely to come back.
  • Result-driven Insights: Inclusion of guests in your loyalty program can give more details about their preferences, behaviors, and interests which leverages to attract more new customers that are perfect prospects for your property.
  • Reward for enrollment: The loyalty program for travelers can be as simple as a sign-up and taking a first-time trip that could earn them a valuable reward. This would also encourage them for a repeat visit to redeem their points earned from their previous stay.
  • Tier-based loyalty: Design loyalty solutions for guests based on their spending and stay pattern. Reward them points, gift cards, vouchers suitably.
  • Introduce welcome offers: Encourage newly joined members to subscribe to loyalty schemes by offering privileges, such as free internet, access to the gaming zone, free stay in future visits, etc.
  • Offer premium schemes: Introduce higher levels schemes that offer a combination of benefits including free room upgrades, bonus points, rolling 24-hour check-in & check-out facility, and free access to more hotel's facilities, such as buffet breakfasts, executive lounges, spas, and other features.
  • Maintain Relationship: Automate personalized SMS/Email to thank them for their stay, and remain in touch on a long-term basis with help of campaigns, let them know about your offers, new hotel, etc.
  • Spread the word via Social Media: Entice members through digital posts across various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Showcase that expanse view of nature from a suite available at discounted rates.
  • In the bottom line, focusing on what your customer care about way before their stay begins is important to exceed their expectation and needs. By stitching some of these vital tips to your loyalty program can prove to be a great booster to your revenue and bolster customers trust in saving money, which surely allows for a unique experience in their future stay.
  • At ClubClass™, we help companies to build an online reputation by providing an array of loyalty solutions which exceeds their business expectation and help them to know how to satisfy their new guests and encourages for a repeat visit, at the same time retaining their existing members.
Hospitality Loyalty Program