Makesense makes personalised CRM possible through behavioural data analytics.
Data can be captured from web , mobile and offline.


What This Does?

  • User Behaviour Analytics
  • App Crash Analytics
  • Online User App analytics with Facility to Consolidate transactions
  • Social Engagement and Analytics Graphs
  • Transactional Reports
  • User profiles : stitch user profile with single view of all user activities
  • Create custom segments
  • Triggered Push notification
  • Can see user retention and engagement
  • Can see total, new and unique session
  • Can see Session frequency, views per session slipping away, etc
  • Can creates funnels by defining different events
  • At each stage can see the drop out of users
  • Give percentage of initial users who entered the funnel and who exited by performing final event
  • Cohorts is a powerful tool for user segmentation
  • With cohorts you can club together users who have performed similar set of activities on your app

Analytics Benefits

  • Helps Quantify Company Values
  • Used to Ingrain Smart Decision-Making Into Company Culture
  • Provides Greater, Faster Insight Through Data Visualization
  • Locate potential opportunities that may be worthwhile in increasing profits
  • Increase edge over the competition
  • Cost Reduction