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Nowadays, businesses around the globe do not want their customer’s queries to go unheard and unsolved. Therefore, we apply the best customer service management strategy, which gives you a positive outcome on the first call itself. We have state-of-the-art tools when put in place improves your customer satisfaction dramatically.
We know the complexity involved in running a customer service center, which typically requires a host of resource libraries such as customer service managers, customer services, IT professionals, etc. We make sure that you stay updated with the latest technologies coupled with best practices that will meet your needs, ultimately helping you transform your business.
We help companies excel at managing their customer service arena by employing simple yet effective tactics that emphasize the customer-first approach that includes –

Setup Customer Service and Call center Operations

The call centers must deliver impeccable customer service with every single customer they interact as this will retain the loyal customers and gain new ones. Company bombards with huge volume of calls at any given day, hence it becomes a dire need to cater to each customer and make them feels as if they are the most important customers at the same time ensure that each employee feels empowered to solve customers’ problems, and offer incentives based on initiatives they take to make decisions on their own.

Email, Call & SMS - Workflow processes, SLAs, and Escalations –

Customers often prefers to interact via email, call & SMS’s because it allows them to send a message quickly at their convenience and get a revert when they need it. To make the client-customers process smooth we deploy automated SLA (Service Level Agreement) and escalation workflow application that ensures employee delivers what is expect of them promptly. At the same time, it encourages employee to deliver their tasks assigned by the managers.
Benefits of implementing the SLA’s includes:

  • Setting up of specific tasks and timeline for employees.
  • Easy to create and setup protocols, so that you never fall out of compliance.
  • Helps organizations to make their employees aware of their milestones.
  • Escalation keeps stakeholders in loop of any pending tasks and helps to make the informed decision.
  • Notifies employees with a reminder before the deadlines and when they overdue the same.

Query Resolution & Complaints Management –

Customer comes up with various queries ranging from technical to billing. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that no one should be kept on hold for an unreasonable amount and employees are skilled enough to understands exactly what the customer needs are thus, giving employees the tools will help in going a long way toward making them deal with customers, which soars the customer loyalty and rules out challenges of under-serving them.

Vendor Co-ordination, IVR Integration & MIS Reports

With cutting edge technologies, we establish IVR (Interactive Voice Response) integration within your existing or creates a new coordination system that manages incoming calls and routes them to the right department. Our call distribution system features automated warm greetings to customers with a cheerful voice that helps to create a bond of trust, which reassures customers of helping and building a constructive relationship. Finally, MIS reports are then deployed to the CFO’s and managers giving them critical information such as order entry, accounting, and budgeting to make a critical business decision like the needs of the customer, and their requirements.

ClubClass™ provides the best customer service management strategy that transforms mere customer service centers into centers for customer engagement that addresses your customer issues with various modes of communications ranging from online chat from desktop or mobile phones. Learn more about how we can help you transform your business today.

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