What This Does?

  • A card-linked offer (CLO) is a rewards, discount or cashback amount applied to a customer’s debit or credit card automatically after a purchase is made at a participating merchant
  • It’s an innovative customer loyalty system which is simple, flexible, secure, easy-to-use and fully integrated solution in customer loyalty programs
  • All that a card-linked offer needs in order to be processed is the customer’s credit or debit card to be registered (i.e. linked) with the program making the reward or cashback offer
  • Customers receive their rewards automatically after using the linked card at your business, your partners, etc
  • It is based on the transactions that customers conduct with their registered cards. The system works in real time, and for both issuing and acquiring customers, it can be seamlessly integrated into other services
  • CLO’s technology involves three primary entities – the user, the retailer and the bank. The end-user is a bank credit card or debit card holder. Offers are loaded into the user’s card based on his consumer behaviour. CLO empowers users to get discounts and offers just by transacting at a Point-of-Sale (POS) machine of a partnering retail store

Card Linked Offers Benefits

  • Customers are targeted based on previous purchase history, therefore merchants know they are acquiring the right customers
  • Very thing that is already saved, so it’s fast, simple and easy for them
  • Reasonable commission fees
  • Leverage the brand affinity of large, already-established loyalty programs
  • Boost card spend
  • Increased Card Usage
  • Outcome Based pricing
  • Friction-free integration
  • Merchant Funded (MFN) Benefits
  • Extra Points when a saved card is used on merchant App
  • Increase your reach
  • No wait time, instant card activation