What This Does?

  • User can search vouchers according to merchants
  • When user clicks on any merchants all vouchers posted by that merchant is available.
  • By clicking on voucher user gets option to choose if he is buying the voucher for himself or gifting it to someone.
  • If he chooses gifting then he can customize it, by using template or by uploading photo and adding personal message.
  • Voucher can be purchased by points or cash

Wowchers Benefits

  • Acceptable by all online merchants.
  • Flexibility and ease of execution- Online or offline Redeemable across the Platforms Network created and managed by the merchants
  • Points are converted to Prepaid Virtual vouchers or cards which are accepted across hundreds of brands globally
  • Create your own Vouchers / eGift cards
  • Vouchers can be purchased either by cash/card or points.
  • Members can gift Vouchers to their friends
  • Configure Points to be given on successful point redemption
  • Voucher can be redeemed by simply scanning the QR code at Merchant Location